5 signs that you need Legal Project Management

In the last instances of LPM related article we looked at who and when to implement legal project management.

Today we are going to look at questions helping with self assessment –  do I need to implement Legal Project Management tools & practices?

Lets get started….

Do you control and understand your legal practice costs and revenues? Do you know profitability per Client and per product? If the answers are “not really” you are ready to get supported bu budgeting and monitoring tools from LPM Tool Box.

Do you plan and control communication with the Client ? If the answer is “no it happens spontaneously” you should consider applying LPM techniques related to communication process.

Does you Client view your service as efficient and lean, easy to implement in his / her business operations? This is a big, multi topic question, which requires split into sub topics. First do you have feedback mechanism allowing you in organized way to get Clients perception of your operations? Second, do you have internal measurement system of process efficiency? Third – based on feedback from Client and internal metrics do you apply improvement initiatives? Are your services lean and digital? If you get series of “no” answers – again the LPM toolbox is a way.

Do you control and manage your service scope? Or, in the contrary, you encounter scope creep when nor Client nor you are happy with the results achieved? Scope management & link to Client business objectives and your profitability is part of basic LPM.

Do you analyze and prepare for risks connected with your operations? Or are you constantly surprised by “black swan” events which you always believed are not applicable? If so, you should consider using one of LPM risk management tools.

Hope that series of questions will help you in self assessment whether you need LPM. “

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