When to implement project management into legal, compliance or tax teams?

In the last instance of LPM related article we looked at who should be involved to allow proper and successful LPM  functioning?

Today we are going to look at time related question – when you should implement LPM in order to benefit from it?

The first obvious answer is necessity driven – you should implement it when magnitude of your projects or change initiatives or complexity of services provided to clients can not be managed any more by “chaos and firefighting.

Second answer is future driven – in extremely complex world with fast speed of change you need a structure or frame to coordinate your activities and plan for the future.

Third is Client driven  – you already noticed (or will notice soon..) that Clients require more and more proper management of risks, communication and budget, and will gently force you to provide that management to them along our service.

Fourth is market driven – your competitors are not inactive and constantly improve the way they manage projects for the clients, including becoming more agile and flexible in project management matters.

So the answer to question – when to implement legal project management is – Today because of the four reasons above!

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