Non monetary benefits from managing legal and tax projects

In the last of the post related to Legal & Tax Project Management (LPM) we talked about ROI (return on investment for legal and tax projects)  in the same time we mentioned that proper management of legal & tax projects can bring also non monetary benefits.

Lets look at few of them.

First of all usage of LPM tools and techniques allows for coordinated management of risks, client communication, time line and budget. Running initiatives (projects) without Project management framework can severely impact those areas. The main benefit comes, in my opinion, from bringing in the project risk management activities and project client communication coordination.

Second, in the world full of technology projects and implementations, LPM tools and techniques are increasingly needed in order to manage technology and digital evolution. Uncoordinated management of those topics can lead to costly disasters.

Third, having and using LPM tool box is needed in order to meet client’s and employee’s needs. Their experiences from other industries (for example financial or digital) are that projects are run efficiently and according to good standards, they expect nothing else in Legal & Tax Projects.

Fourth – LPM allows to manage resources properly and monitor / improve efficiency. It also helps to prioritize among existing resources.

Fifth – LPM allows to improve and manage the matters decision making process. Which in our fast business world can be very important.

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