How can we automate administrative tasks of legal project management ?

Project management activities, tools and methodologies require coordination and repetitive tasks. How do we make sure those tasks are done in proper quality, timing and manner and in the same time we do not get lost in endless administrative activities?

One way to get over the issue described above is to hire and multiply headcount of project staff, but this solution is rarely possible due to budget & timing concerns, and further more asking humans to do just repetitive, administrative tasks kills innovation and pro activity.

The other way to get the issue solved is to involve technology and get tasks automated. Below few areas which can be automated in any legal / tax / compliance project:

  • Administrative tasks (updates, calendars, reminders, reports)
  • Workflows set according to predefined rules
  • Materials, documents and knowledge organization and archiving
  • Managing access level to project materials
  • Part of communication (surveys, updates, feedback)
  • Interactions with external systems providing information to project (financial, risk  etc)
  • Project planning and budgeting activities
  • Resources and team management activities

The list above is far from completeness as each project will have it’s own characteristic.

The additional benefit from digitalization and automation of above is that at some point, with high amount of proper quality data available you might think of applying AI and machine learning in order to benefit from analysis of past data for future usage.

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