What are the most common issues with time tracking in legal operations and legal projects ?

What are the biggest issues in time tracking for legal operations and legal projects? During our discussions with lawyers we most often encounter the 5 items listed below.

#1 Not using available technology and applications – according to our studies up to 42% of lawyers still do not use dedicated applications and software for time management. Knowing that applications are not perfect, they provide a lot of help and support in time tracking, time review and billing. Using old school paper / spreadsheet methods is not only less convenient but also is not possible to include in the automated workflow of hours review and billing.

#2 Having to many open topics – lawyers which we discuss with often report that on daily basis they have to many activities happening. This causes efficiency losses in switching from activity to activity, errors in time tracking and lost efficiency due to lack of focus.

#3 Inaccurate recording of time spent – this happens often as result of lack of organization of time tracking and lack of proper and handy tools. Activities not recorded directly during / after performing carry risk of miss allocation of time spent.

#4 Interruptions – frequently happening interruptions cause difficulties in proper time tracking and decrease overall effectiveness.

#5 tracking time from other location that office – legal work often takes place in other location that office (court, client office, home office), this complicates matter of proper recording of time spent..

 We will discuss how to improve and optimize time tracking in the next post.

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