Process improvement for lawyers – on-line meeting 22.06 17.00

On 22 June together with Renata Novotna we will moderate discussion on process improvement for lawyers. Event is on-line meeting, registration is free and number of participants limited. Register at : The discussion will be moderated around: ✔️Process context – your brand, product and customer experience ✔️What is process improvement and where it comes […]

Time tracking in legal – creating long list of possible tools and providers

In our recent blog post we looked at 5 most common issues with time management. And in the last post we discussed #1 issue – lack of proper usage of available technology and applications. Todaywe will spend few minutes looking at possible solution – how to create long list of time tracking tools and providers? […]

Time tracking in legal projects and operations – usage of proper tools and software

In our last blog post we looked at 5 most common issues with time management. Today we will spend few minutes looking at #1 issue – lack of proper usage of available technology and applications. In our surveys more than 40% of lawyers responding declare that they use calculation spreadsheet (most commonly Microsoft excel)  as […]

What are the most common issues with time tracking in legal operations and legal projects ?

What are the biggest issues in time tracking for legal operations and legal projects? During our discussions with lawyers we most often encounter the 5 items listed below. #1 Not using available technology and applications – according to our studies up to 42% of lawyers still do not use dedicated applications and software for time […]

Czy zwinne metody projektowe (Agile) są dla prawników? Bezpłatny warsztat Poznań 16 stycznia 2020.

Na to i inne pytania odpowiemy z Prof. Michałem Jackowskim w Poznaniu 16 stycznia, na bezpłatnym warsztacie skierowanym do prawników działów prawnych, kancelarii prawniczych, doradców podatkowych i pracowników compliance. Poznań 16 stycznia 2020. 13.30 – 17.00 NH Hotel. Rejestracja: Omówimy min. : Jak zmienia się funkcja prawników w biznesie?Jak technologia wpływa na sposób pracy […]

“Online courts and future of justice” by Richard Susskind – review

I finished reading “Online courts and future of justice” by Richard Susskind and wanted to share few observations. For certain book is worth reading and highlights  important topics. Being personally interested in legal tech and legal process and project management, not a part of court system, my interest in the topics covered in the book […]

What are biggest challenges in managing finance in medium size law firm?

As a result of recently undertaken survey and discussions with partners / managing partners in medium size law firms (up to 20 lawyers) we came up with a list of items which were indicated as most important and challenging in their practice in area of managing finances. Cash flow – area of cash flow was […]

Must read for legal tech interested – “Online courts and future of justice” by Richard Susskind

At we just received our copy of “Online courts and future of justice” by Richard Susskind and we are jumped in into reading on how technology will change future of justice proceedings and how to help on global issue of justice access. We will share our thoughts after reading!

Financial matters important in legal project management and legal matters

Financial matters are situated in heart of every business (as well as many other private and non-business operations). It is no different with legal projects and legal matters – money counts. As finance professional with more than 15 years of experience in profession I can share few tips and mention few areas important for getting […]

Differentiation between legal operations and legal projects

Both projects and operational activities are necessary to run the business. However, the tools to execute and master them are different. The question which is often asked is how to differentiate the two. Few tips below: Timeline – projects are from their nature time bound and operations are day to day activities (using different words […]