About us

Contract lifecycle management

Most activities of daily life and business are saturated with the negotiation, signing and execution of contracts. Increasingly, we find that we do not know where they are, in what form they exist, and what rights and obligations arise from the contracts we enter into. Additionally, the process of making and keeping contracts is often dramatically disorganized, leading to confusion, cost and material risk. Often, too, our contracting process is a problem for our current and potential clients – it is not tailored to their needs!

We help our clients in order to assure that:

  • contracts are simple, clear, understandable so the parties can focus on their business goal,
  • the contract negotiation and signing process is as simple and secure as possible
  • the contracting process is a “competitive advantage” rather than a “pain” for the client
  • Contracts are stored in an organized manner
  • contractual rights and obligations are known and easily accessible
  • the format and method of storage allows for quick analysis of the contracts
  • work with contracts is automated in order to focus on business goals

We offer:

  • Audit and assessment of the current state of contract lifecycle management (CLM)
  • Support in developing a contract management strategy and contracting process
  • Process improvement or redesign
  • Assistance in selecting and implementing tools and software to support the CLM process
  • Support in reviewing and analyzing contracts (applies to contract amalytucs – we do not provide legal services)
  • Support in implementing data collection on contractual rights/obligations
  • We train, monitor, inspire – we try to support customers on their way to efficient CLM


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