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Contract management and analysis

Group 42

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Marcin Nowakowski

What will you discover during the training

About our training

Can’t locate your contracts? Each contract is in a different form? You are unable to quickly assess your rights and obligations under the contracts or the duration of the contracts? Participants in the contracting process are frustrated? Don’t want to implement expensive technology that solves one problem but creates three others? Are you struggling to meet your legal obligations with respect to contracts?

This workshop is intended for people participating in or managing processes related to contracts and their analysis.

During the workshop we talk about:

  • Stages of contracting and their importance in the contract management process
  • Recognizing the process of creating contracts (mapping)
  • Adapting the contract process to the needs of customers and organizations
  • “Hot spots” – the biggest issues in your contract process
  • “Digitization” – moving to an electronic form of contracts
  • Model (“templates”) of contracts
  • Electronic signatures
  • Automation of contract processing
  • Analysis of contracts
  • Monitoring of rights and obligations as well as duration of contracts
  • Flow of contracts in an organization
  • Tools for handling the process of concluding and storing contracts
  • Tools for automatic contract analysis

Price (net of taxes – VAT)

2500 PLN

What is included in the price?

  • Remote (online) training
  • Guarantee of the leading trainer
  • Group max. 8 people
  • Minimum of 3 practical business case studies
  • 30 minutes of individual consultation before or after the workshop
  • Individual proposal of an approach to a project problem
  • Certificate


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