Are we different from other service providers? Check below!

  • CLIENT VALUE ADDED – we always look to add value not just to provide the service
  • CLIENT PROFITABILITY – Client’s benefit (financial, digital or becoming better place to work) are at center of our interest
  • VALUE BASED PRICING – we prefer to use pricing linked to Clients value building (success fees, KPI based etc.)
  • METHODOLOGY AGNOSTIC – we simply use what works avoiding trap of over hyped tools
  • SPECIFICITY – we focus solely on legal, tax and compliance area allowing us to specialize
  • VAST POOL OF RESOURCES – we decided to build our service teams on ad hoc basis based on dedicated professionals using different sourcing
  • TIME VALUE – we know time is the ultimate resource, therefore we provide our service mostly in Sprint model (and for sure avoid Zombie never ending projects)
  • WE ARE LEAN – we keep our non operational cost base low (avoiding glamour marketing, splendid offices and fancy lunches…) so we can spend more on operational Client value added activities
  • WE GIVE BACK – we support social and environmentally responsible business and charities as a way to give back to society we operate in

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