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Contractbook – contract management software

Contractbook is software for contract management. It allows to store, sign and create legal documents in single platform. Contracts can be created from scratch or through available templates. User can also create limited amount of templates. Drafts of contracts can be shared and circulated. Digital signature is available in the application. Old documents can be uploaded and stored in the cloud. Different pricing plans are available (“startup”, “standard”, “business”) and free trial is possible. The service currently has 45 000 users and 120 contract transactions,  +60 000 contracts signed. Software is free of charge for charities and company is environment protection committed.

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Pricing: available on web page

Radiant Law – helping business with contracting

Radiant law is not LegalTech tool. It is company which is helping to manage, optimize and manage contract for business. They can help with negotiations in high volume contracts, optimizing contracting process, updating large amounts of contracts, supporting legal outsourcing and finally building and implementing legal tech solutions. You can get free benchmarking and service tailoring report from their web page. Radiant law created simple to use Lawtech solutions – RemarkableX (add on buttons for word that speed up lawyers work), (analytic dashboard which gives client access to matter status live data) Rapid (platform integrating legal tech products). They also provide services on contract automation, cooperating with systems like ContractExpress and Docassemble.

Office: London, Cape Town

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Legalsifter – contract review tool

Legalsifter is tool that reads contracts and gives context based suggestions. The mechanics is simple – you upload contract and system gives you suggestions about missing and present stipulations as well as suggestions from library of best practice. System is configurable to your best practices.

Commercial promise – saves 20-80% review time, advise in 2 minutes, tells what is missing.

Pricing – 199 USD per user / per month in 2 years plan and 299 per user /per month in 1 year plan. Lease and privacy packages for additional 49 USD and 79 USD per user / month respectively in 2 years and one year plan. Implementation attorney support minimum 2500 USD. 14 days trial version available.

Office – Pittsburgh

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LawGeex – contract review

LawGeex is a contract review tool that automates review of contracts in your systems. If no issues are found contracts are automatically approved. The system compares contract stipulations to company regulations / policies. The stipulations that are missing or are non compliant are marked and replacement is suggested with pre approved wording. The review can be integrated into workflow tools.

The commercial promise is – 80% time saved reviewing and approving contracts, 90% of manual work cost saved, 3xfaster deal closing time.

LawGeex is company behind ” In-house Counsel’s Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide”.

Demo – possible on request

Pricing – not available at web page

Offices – New York, Tel Aviv

Web page –

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Kira – machine learning AI contract data extraction

Automatically finds, reviews and extracts contract information. Allows to import contracts in many forms and from various sources. Can create project dashboards for document review projects. It has search capabilities based on presence or absence of clause or finds text within the provision. Comes ready for finding many provisions from general commercial terms to compliance. It can be taught to find clauses in other than English languages – Spanish or German. It can compare contract to a form with presentation of “heat map”. It is possible to export results to other systems.

The commercial promise is that – law firms can provide faster and more comprehensive advice based on contract review, corporations can accelerate and improve accuracy of data extraction, and legal service providers can deliver high volume contract data extraction with 20 – 90% saved time.

Demo – possible on request

Pricing – not available on web page

Offices – head office Toronto Canada

web page –

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Leverton – contract data extraction and analytics with AI

Leverton is a platform that helps to convert to machine readable and organize documents, extract data (AI powered) and validate data (quality check), allows access and analyzis based on structured data (dashboards, reports etc) and allows to integrate with third party system or ERP.

Out-of-box extraction capabilities include, among others, documents such as : assets leases, credit agreements, insurance contracts, invoices, loans, NDAs, real estate leases, vendor and employee contracts. Uses cease include lease abstraction, reconciliations, regulatory compliance.

It comes in 3 types : assisted (part of work outsourced to professional reviewers), SaaS (you do the manual review), AiaaS (AI engine trained to analyze).

Company promise is accuracy via automated abstraction, efficiency by speeding up extraction process from 50 – 75%, cost savings of manual extraction up to 50%.

System includes proprietary OCR element.

Statistics: 5k+ users, 500 K + documents, 200+ customers, 25+ languages.

Demo – possible on request

Pricing – not available on web page

Offices – New York, London, New Delhi

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e-Brevia contract analyzer

e-Brevia is tool extracting information from current and legacy contracts. It can populate excel, word or databases with extracted results. It is commercializing Columbia University Technology. It assist in storing, reviewing and analyzing contracts. It can extract contract information (renewal, pricing etc). Non tech specialized users can customize information. The system can turn scans into searchable text. It allows controlled document sharing. System can be cloud based or on premises solution. It can be linked to other ERP systems.

Security – documents in transit are protected using SSL standard encryption. Cloud providers with SOC / ISAE audits.

Demo – possible to request personalized demo from web page

Pricing – not available at web page

Company offices – California, New York, London

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Hogart – software applications for legal and tax tech

Hogart is group of software houses producing various software for enterprises. In range of the product it has a lot to offer for legal tech and tax tech receipients, including GDPR related software, applications for tax reporting and analysis (split payment, white list, active tax payer), tools for regulatory requirements (for example e-financial statements). On top of that Hogart has also business intelligence tools and implements software of well recognized liders in enterprise software. The tool which is worth reviewing is “VAT tax payer white list (biała lista podatników VAT)” which answers to obligation of electronic check of money transfers to VAT payers. The tool allows to :-automatically verify VAT payers-check VIES database-keep audit trail of checks day by day-send automated communicates-be integrated with accounting and reporting software
The “white list” tool comes in two versions – stand alone and database linked, first communicates through file upload and second via link to accounting software databases. More info at : – legal and tax processes automation

Today we present software tool that can automate routine and repetitive tasks in legal & tax  companies utilizing Robotic Process Automations technology.

Especially it can be useful in legal:

·         back office (administrative tasks, client billing and accounting, controling, email sending)

·         middle office (working with system organizing department’s work, sending reports)

·         direct service to clients in front office (regulatory reporting, compliance, management information, VAT, AML). 

Wizlink is a computer software interacting with user interfaces as human do, which is a major difference comparing to API or database integration. User utilizes business logic already present in applications and there is no need to know technology behind them.

Robots can be quickly trained using drag&drop interface and tool itself allows non technical staff in operational departments to work on it.

For more information, please visit

Morpheus – interactive MDR generation

TaxMorpheus is a tool dedicated for entities expected to report according to MDR (Mandatory Disclosure Rules). It merges cutting edge technology with legal expertise. TaxMorpheus asks specific, easy to understand interactive questions in order to identify tax schemes. Later on additional details are provided to entity (reporting obligations etc.). It comes in 3 versions, with most advanced one equipped with dashboard to manage the schemes, monitoring of reporting obligations, advanced statistics. The basic test version is free, and more advanced are 25 EUR and 120 EUR per month subscription. The tool allows to save time on transaction assessment versus MDR reporting obligations. It helps to control cost based of external tax advisory services. Enhances safety with organizing and auditing the transactions. – automation of debt collection is a legal tech IT product for independent and individual  invoice debt collection. It allows businesses to improve process of collecting receivables from invoices due to build in scenarios with much automation and very limited need for lawyers services. System includes preventive measures, covers and automates arbitral proceedings, court proceedings and court ruling enforcement proceedings. It includes build in debt collection scenarios, generates relevant documents and links directly to debt exchanges and debtors monitoring bodies as well as e-courts. Due to automation of preventive measures and automatic document generation system leads to time savings and promises improved collection rates. System actions require users decision / confirmation. Lawyers advice possible as part of the package. 

Monthly license cost between 20 and 70 EUR per package.Info source and more info

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